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Get Passive Income Through YouTube

Passive income is passive income, where you can still earn income without having to try hard or play an active role in these activities. In general, everyone does not make passive income, as an income that they must have.

However, this type of income can be said to be profitable, because the benefits you will get can be even greater, if you keep working and get active income. The internet has become one of the passive income fields, which has been widely used.

There are so many activities that allow you to get passive income, one of which is creating a YouTube account . As we already know, YouTube is a social media that allows creators to earn income from making videos.

Of course, by making interesting videos and having many viewers, later on, you can earn more and more. For those of you who are interested in earning passive income through the YouTube application, here we will provide the steps to follow.

Get Passive Income Through YouTube
Get Passive Income Through YouTube

Stages in Getting Passive Income Through YouTube

Currently the internet world is not a new thing, almost every day you will definitely access the internet, whether it's doing a search via Google, or looking for entertainment through social media, such as Instagram or Twitter or watching videos on YouTube.

1. Activating a YouTube Account

The first step to getting passive income through YouTube is to create an account in the application. There is no cost to create an account, but first you need to have a Gmail account.
If you already have a Gmail account, then you can use that account. Make sure the user remembers the email and password, because they will always be needed when logging in.

2. Creating Short Videos

The next step is to create short shows with interesting content. You can make a video based on your favorite field, such as culinary, traveling, music, daily vlogs and others.

There are many themes that can be picked up, and can make user impressions interesting. In addition, making short videos has the potential to get subscribers quickly.

3. Activating AdSense

By activating AdSense, then later the videos that you upload can be displayed as advertisements and can be watched by anyone. Everyone who accesses these ads, will later become rupiah coffers for creators, that's where your passive income comes from.

To activate AdSense, the user must enter the requested personal data. Later this data will be needed, for payment of income for video creators.

Please note that in order to join the YouTube Partner Program, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

4. Sharing Video Links

After making a video, don't be shy to share your viewing link with friends or family so that you get more viewers. Promote user videos as much as possible, either through social media, such as Instagram, Twitter or websites and forums.

5. Actively Uploading Videos

Many people immediately give up, when the number of viewers they want does not reach the target. Even though this condition is normal, we must continue to learn.

To get passive income, try to regularly upload other interesting videos. It is possible that the second, third and so on, which users will upload later, can attract the attention of other users and even go viral.

It takes a lot of effort to attract a lot of viewers at the beginning of playing YouTube, but later users will get used to it after knowing what kind of videos are liked by other users and can become the hallmark of the user's YouTube channel.

Make your YouTube account a channel for your interests or likes, so you don't feel burdened by thinking about how to make interesting videos.

Usually starting from doing things they like, it will be easier for users to get passive income.

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