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How to Get the Best and Super Fast Free VPN

How to Get the Best and Super Fast Free VPN - To get a free VPN, it's very easy. You can search for it through Google Search, Google Chrome Webstore, Play Store, App Store and other providers. Just write it in the search field, then tens or even hundreds of application recommendations will appear.

The number of software often makes some potential users confused which one to choose. Especially considering that not all of them provide comfort when used. There is one software that can be used as an option, namely VPN Proxy Master.

You can get this software extension from the Google Chrome Webstore. It's very easy. How? To understand it further, see the following discussion.

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How To Get Free VPN Proxy Master Through Webstore

For those of you who want to install this free VPN software through the Google Chrome Webstore, the method is not difficult. Make sure you have a PC or laptop and an internet connection before installing it.

This is because installation via the Chrome Webstore is not currently available on mobile access. So, you can only use it via a desktop PC.

The way to get it is by visiting the official Webstore page at . Then select the extension menu section, then write VPN Proxy Master in the search field.

Extension search results will appear and you can add them. There are various advantages of the VPN Proxy Master feature compared to others, which are as in the following description.

The Advantages of VPN Proxy Master That Makes Many Users

Each free VPN product, free of charge or paid, has its own advantages, as well as this software. These advantages are what make its users increase, some of which are:

1. Free Without the Need to Pay

This software provides free services without the need to pay. Even though it's free, the features provided will make it easier for you to stream your favorite content without buffering problems.

As compensation, for the free version will be served ads. If you don't want to be bothered by ads, you can upgrade to the VIP or premium version. The package you choose can be monthly or yearly.

2. Stable and Fast Servers

The next advantage of this free VPN software is that the servers are stable and fast. The consistent speed provided will certainly make your streaming experience smoother and without a hitch.

This one aspect will determine how fast the content upload process is. Not only streaming, but also playing games. It also reduces the number of pings.

3. Guaranteed Security and Privacy

When using VPN Proxy Master, security and privacy are guaranteed. To hide your online identity, this software uses 128-bit AES encryption and the OpenVPN protocol (UDP/TCP).

So that browsing becomes more secure and anonymous, no need to worry about identity. This software secures up to five devices at once through one account. Not only Android, but also different OS devices.

4. Access Can Be Done Without Limits

Another advantage is that access can be done without limits. Using this free VPN helps seamless cross-region use. You can even access restricted games through this server connection.

You can bypass firewall restrictions or blocking access to sites, applications, content or social media. In addition, the size of its installation on the device does not require large capacity.

So the installation process is very easy and fast. Registration is not required, you just need to select a server, then connect directly to the VPN. The interface is intuitive which makes this product easy for beginners to use.

VPN Proxy Master can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. There is a professional free VPN customer support team that can help you when you encounter a problem within 1×24 hours every day.

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